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Medicine & Hygiene
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Describe one named infectious disease in terms of its: 1) Cause 2) Transmission 3) Host Response 4) Major Symptoms 5) Treatment 6) Prevention 7) Control
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Medicine & Hygiene
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Disease: Malaria
Cause: 4 species of the protozoan, Plasmodium
Transmission: The Anopheles mosquitoes are the hosts that transmit the disease to humans during the blood-sucking process.
Symptoms: The different stages in the life cycle of the protozoan cause the different symptoms of the disease:
- When the pathogen first enters the blood, it travels to the LIVER CELLS, where it hides from the immune system. There, it multiplies rapidly, producing dozens of cells called merozoites
- The merozoites then travel back into the blood, where they infect RED BLOOD CELLS, again, multiplying asexual...

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