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Information & Software
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"Computer Security"
Information & Software
"Computer Viruses"
Information & Software
"Hackers" analyzes the many misconceptions of the Hacker culture, which often contributes many unrecognized positive influences on the computing world today.
Information & Software
"Secure IT systems for an airline company"
Information & Software
"What is a Human Anyway?"
Information & Software
2000 Problem
Information & Software
3 Ways to connect to the internet.
Information & Software
A Breif History of the Hard Drive
Information & Software
A Brief History of Databases, describes some old database systems
Information & Software
A comparison of Thick and Thin clients in Networks.
Information & Software
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A Study of the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution.
Symbolism in American Romantic fiction.
The Security of a Free State: This essay points out some of the major flaws in the argument for strict gun control and argues for the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
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Kidney Transplantation
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Illicit Drugs: Harm minimisation
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