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Blu-ray, also known as Blu-ray Disc
" discuss the range of diversity in learning needs which may be encountered by the primary school practitioner.
Education & training
"A Study On Agriculture Systems" A study of four typical agricultural systems, with example. focused on the efficiency and feasibilities. Report format with sub-sections, not really an essay.
Rural technologies
"Banking Concepts." Paulo Friere raleted to education.
Education & training
"Bullies" book report for child guideance at CCCCD
Education & training
"Cannabis Speech" This is a speech against the legalisation of cannabis.
Medicine & Hygiene
"Career Paper" tells about becoming a drafter, what you should do, what is required, a bit about the field, etc...
Education & training
"College and university education should be free for all students, fully financed by the government."
Education & training
"Compare features of individual lifestyle approach with the New Public Health Approach"
Medicine & Hygiene
"Computer Security"
Information & Software
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King Lears Foolishness
Alcohol, how behaviour changes when alcohol is introduced
Gregor Johann Mendel
A review on the movie "The Brotherhood of the Wolves"
"Drugs have effected our youth"
Rise of the greatBlade part 3
World War I- The Great War- Who and What Caused It?
How important was the role of William of Orange to the success of the Dutch revolt?
The New Deal for Lone Parents.
Social Constructs: Relying on visuals to identify and understand ourselves
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