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Dunham Cosmetics - Financial Evaluation
Author: SuperMac75

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1.Calculate Dunham's 1995 financial rations. (See Exhibits 1,2, and 3).
Current Ratio = (current assets/current liabilities) = (16,268/7,600) = 2.1405%
Inventory Turnover = (sales/inventory) = (26,671/6,133) = 4.3487%
receivable____ = 5,920___ = 81.01 Days
DSO = annual sales/365 26,671/365
Fixed Asset Turnover = (sales/net fixed assets) = (26,671/3,336) = 7.9949%
Total Turnover Asset = (sales/total assets) = (26,671/16,268) = 1.6394%
Total Debt to Total Assets = (total debt/total assets) = (9,666/16,268) = 0.5941%
Time Interest Earned = (ea...

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