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Geoffrey Chaucer
Literature, Personalities
"A Rock and a Hard Place" book review
Literature, Personalities
"A Wrinkle In Time" Chapter 3 note
Literature, Personalities
"A Wrinkle In Time" Chapter 4 note
Literature, Personalities
"A Wrinkle In Time" Chapter 5 note
Literature, Personalities
"Although Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were two great leaders in U.S. History, they both had very different views of Government and the Economy."
History, Personalities
"Andrew Jackson 1824-1837" his years of precedency
History, Personalities
"Auteur" or directorial style of David Fincher.
Personalities, Movies & Photography
"Benjamin Franklin and his life" This is divide in 3 parts a part about his Talents and a part about His inventions so to speak and a part about his life all together.
History, Personalities
"Benjamin Franklin" Is about his childhood and some of his iventions as well as other intersting facts
History, Personalities
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Romeo and juliet and the theme of death
Essay on "The Scarlet Letter" by Hawthorne
Ciggarettes And Syringes - Gonzo Journalism The grade is no lie I got A* full marks for this work.
The Synoptic Problem in the New Testament Gospels
Muhammad Ali (Personal Experience)
Issues of the Internet
The story of Macbeth
The Democracy-Monarchy Cycle, an essay on the theories of Hobbes.
Trend of Public School Vouchers Over Time
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