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Elizabeth Cady Stanton
[Spanish] Economa de Puerto Rico
Brief history of the Thirty Years War.
This is an Essay on triumphal arches, describing the the purpose of them and how this was achieved. Helpful for anyone studying history of Art AS.
Nursing research.
This is a project for my Intro to Pyschology class on anorexia nervosa.
"Born For Liberty" A History of Women in America by Sara M. Evans.
It is about three types of people: egocentric, hyperactive, and shy. It is an average classification paper.
"There is no spoon". How the illusion of reality is deconstructed in The Matrix by the codes of cinematography?
"Why was unity such an important issue at the time the play was written? Does your reading of the first act of the play leave you with an impression of unity?"
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