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The Journey of Odysseus - The essey contains: the time, the place and short description of events in the film.
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The film "Odyssey" or, as it is also known as "Die Abenteuer des Odysseus", "Homer's Odyssey", "Odissea",, was directed by Andrei Konchalovsky on the bases of Homer's classic epic poem "The Odyssey" and launched in 1997. The plot consists of three main episodes: The Trojan War (which is dismissed quickly since it is the subject of Homer's other great work "The Iliad"), the journey of Odysseus (Armand Assante) and his crew, and Odysseus' return to his beautiful world Ithaca. Throughout the film there are obvious omissions (for example one part in the story which was called "Sirens") and rew...

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