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"Breaking Through Your Filter"
Design, Visual Arts
"Symbolic Space: French Enlightenment Architecture and Its Legacy" by Richard A. Etlin.
Design, Visual Arts
"The Human Condition I" painting analysis
Design, Visual Arts
"The Scream"- analysis of painting
Design, Visual Arts
"What factors led to the rise and decline in stained glass art popularity?"
Design, Visual Arts
20th-Century Genius Award: Frank Lloyd Wright
Design, Visual Arts
A Brief Desciption of Medieval through Rococo (Examples of Each)
Design, Visual Arts
A discription of feng shui, and how it can be used.
Design, Visual Arts
A Pageantry of Costumes
Design, Visual Arts
African Art
Design, Visual Arts
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Macbeth and the symbol of blood
Welfare reform in the USA, a Matter of Justice
Who does immigration affect?
Space Exploration. Is space exploration worth it? How Mars can help people if it was terraformed.
Do Celebrities deserve as much privacy as everybody else?
Clockwork orange, from breakthrough novel to breakthrough film
In what ways are bureaucratic organizations an ethical issue?
Is Capitalism the Best Route to Human Happiness?
The vulnerability of computerised accounting information systems to computer crime.
Beowulf: Old School Hero.
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