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Anti-Nuclear Power (Debate)
Author: danielfolsom

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This is a solid persuasive speech (given as a public forum speech) on nuclear power.

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College – this paper meets the requirements and reflects knowledge relevant to college level.

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November 11th, 2007: the Associated Press reports (via the NY Times1) that “human error caused ... San Francisco Bay’s worst oil spill in nearly two decades”. September 13, 2008: the British Broadcasting Corporation reports that “[h]uman error is being blamed for a train collision ... which has claimed the lives of at least 24 people”.2 April 26, 1986: Chernobyl. A Greenpeace report from April 18, 2006 dictates that the “full consequences of the Chernobyl disaster could top a quarter of a million cancer cases and nearly 100,000 fatal cancers.”4 Prior to the accident, according David R. Marples, writing for the United Nations University, Chernobyl was inhabited by ten thousand people. 93 thousand deaths and a quarter of a million cases of cancer, all caused by an accident in a district of ten thousand; nuclear power has been an opprobrium ever since, and it should continue to be one....

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