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Families portraid in Roddy Doyles books. A comparrison of the snapper, "The Commitments", "The Snapper and The Van"
Humanism, What humanists do for a living and what they need to focus on in life.
Speech on Minoan Religion During the Bronze Age
Analysis of persuasive techniques used in response to the question "should parents of delinquents recieve classes to improve" wriiten in the Herald Sun
The Raisins in a Bun Model done by JJ Thomson and the discoveries that followed.
Failed Farm and Labor Organizations in the Late 19th Century
Gas prices and the example of supply and demand
To Build a Fire: Alternate Ending - This is a creative writing assignment that replaced the ending of "To Build a Fire" by Jack London from around the point when the fire went out.
Patient Concern: Personal Safety
Advantages brought to India during rule from the British, were brought by the East India Company, which were run my Indian princes that were protected by the British.
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