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[Franaise] Darius Milhaud
The controversial issue of prejudice. My own views, hopefully some people will agree. It has some great points on how i feel about the way people act. it also has some personal stories in it
[German] Interpretaion of the play der Talisman from Johan Nepomuk Nestroy (nicht fr jeden ntlich, aber ein paar interpretaionsideen
Multi User Operating Systems.
Highlights of the Ethics of Capital Punishment. Analyzed ethically as either beneficial or detrimental to society.
News Media - The Essence of A News Organisation
Huck Finn- Relationship between Huck and Jim
Were the promises and agreements made between the Arabs, French, and British during the First World War which led to the formation of the Middle East compatible?
Human Resource Management at Convergys
Advertising and Sexual Stereotypes
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